NEW | Style: Schoefield
Finish: Golden LaHue
NEW | Style: British Victorian
Finish: Rococo
NEW | Style: Rachel
Finish: Marie Antoinette
NEW | Style: Delecroix
Finish: Rustico Gold
Style: Acanthus
Finish: French Kiss
Style: Acanthus
Finish: Gold LaHue
Style: Emma
Finish: Gold Lahue
Style: Regency
Finish: Etruscan gold
Finish: Ancient Bronze
Style: Rotunda
Finish: Love, Peace, Happiness
Style: Acanthus
Finish: Pirozzi Gold
Style: Acanthus
Finish: Walnut Paatina
Finish: Golden Marble
Style: Rotunda
Finish: Golden Garrett
Style: Acanthus
Finish: Imperial Gold
Style: Fairmont
Finish: Etruscan Gold
Style: Meredith
Finish: Tortoise Shell Bronze
w/pewter leaf
Style: Acanthus
Finish: Antique Gold
Style: Taylor
Finish: Old Gold
[Please Note:] Since monitors vary in their coloring, intensity and clarity, the colors you see may vary from the actual color of the Medallion. Do not hesitate to contact us for a clarification of color prior to purchasing.