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Precautions When Installing With Electrical Fixture Or Ceiling Fan

ALWAYS turn power off at breaker box prior to installation.
DO NOT use the decorative ceiling component to support the weight of the lighting or ceiling fan fixture.
DO NOT use the fixture or fan canopy to support the decorative ceiling component in any way.
ALWAYS follow light fixture and/or ceiling fan manufacturer's installation instructions for proper fixture support.
ALWAYS consult with a licensed electrician or refer to local electrical codes to assure that the fixture installation meets code requirements.

Planning Your Space

Measure and mark your room center or placement of medallion. To find room center, measure the room diagonals and mark with a pencil the center "cross" lines on the ceiling, approximately 2-3 inches larger than the medallion. Place medallion up to ceiling marks and mark the placement of the medallion.

Ceiling medallion installation instructions cover the following applications: Installation - Permanent Installation With A Light Fixture Or Ceiling Fan, Installation - Removable Medallion Installation With A Light Fixture Or Ceiling Fan [Allows easy removal of medallion to access electrical wiring with minimal ceiling damage] and Installation - Ceiling Medallion Installed Without A Light Fixture. Read all instructions before beginning installation.

Before Installation

Due to the intricate detail of these products, we recommend that you finish [paint or faux finish] the product before installation.
After installation touch-up any area as needed.

Surface Preparation

Clean all surfaces free of dirt and loose particles with a clean cloth or sponge.
Make sure area is completely dry before installing product.
Measure and mark the location where you want to install the product.